Are H&M Baby Clothes Good Quality? - Parents Route (2024)

If you’ve recently read a shortlist of some of the best baby clothes on the market today, you might see H&M somewhere near the bottom. While this doesn’t speak too well of the brand, it shows they’re also a strong force in the baby clothes market; but are their clothes good quality?

H&M offers some of the best baby clothes at any price point. This is to be expected, as it is one of the biggest clothing brands globally for a reason. If you’re willing to pay a little extra for H&M’s luxury, you’ll get clothes of excellent quality.

In this article, you’ll get a comprehensive review of the H&M brand and the quality of their baby clothesline. You’ll also learn some secrets about the company and if their baby clothes are the best for your baby.

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Are H&M Baby Clothes Good Quality?

When you review most negative complaints about most H&M clothes for babies, it’s usually because it runs ridiculously large and not necessarily because it’s low quality.

When buying baby clothes from H&M, you can be sure you’re getting a superior quality to what you will on most budget brands. It also goes toe to toe with most luxury brands, although it’s not necessarily a luxury brand itself.

Like the adult and teen clothing from H&M, you get what you pay for. The more expensive clothes will be a bit better: better stitching, less fluzzy and the cloth will feel a bit nicer.

Is H&M Better than Zara

If you’ve followed this article carefully, you’ll notice that H&M is the second-largest clothing retailer globally. If you’ve wondered who the first is, it’s a Spanish clothing company simply known as Zara, which is in turn part of the Inditex group.

Zara was founded by Amancio Ortega in 1975, and like H&M, they also have a subsidiary for kid clothing dubbed Zara Kids. The company is famed for its quick delivery of products and is the default brand for almost all things clothing.

When it comes to baby clothing, however, H&M is way better than Zara. While Zara focuses mostly on older kids, H&M offers a specific line for babies, which is way better than what you can ever find on Zara’s collections.

Another brand that might be worth considering, if you want to pay a little extra, is Gerber baby clothes.

Do H&M Baby Clothes Run Too Big Or Small?

One of the biggest concerns of mums shopping for baby clothes is how well they fit. It’s seemingly impossible to find a cloth that fits perfectly; if they don’t run too small, they’ll run too big. If you’re shopping for clothes at H&M, you may want to know if they either run too small or too big.

H&M baby clothes aren’t immune to this problem either. One advantage they have over other brands, however, is that they run too big. While this is still a minor problem, it isn’t as much of a problem as clothes that run too small.

If you want your baby’s cloth to be perfectly-sized, you may want to walk down to a physical store to have a first-hand look at how big the clothes are. Otherwise, you may have to wait for months to get the clothes you bought weeks ago to fit well.

You should note that this isn’t a disadvantage for H&M. Most brands manufacture baby clothes that run either too big or too small, so you should use special guides while shopping for your baby clothes anyway.

A Little Back Story On H&M

H&M is a Sweden-based clothing company established in 1947. It manufactures clothes for men, women, children, and it has recently forayed into making baby clothes. With retail stores in over 70 countries, H&M has over 5,000 different stores to its name.

While physical H&M stores are available in 74 different countries, you can only shop their online collection in over 33 countries.

H&M is easily the second-largest clothing retailer worldwide, only surpassed by Inditex. While it has had extensive experience in the clothing and fashion industry for decades, its entry into the baby clothing industry is very recent, making them relatively inexperienced.

The company’s name, H&M, stands for Hennes and Mauritz, fact customers only came to know after the company opened a new clothing line focusing on menswear only.

H&M has worked extensively with many fashion designers and experts to create the great collection of products that customers have come to know and love.

While H&M is winning when it comes to children and adult wears, their excellence in making baby clothes is still debatable. Throughout the rest of this article, you’ll learn some of the differences between this brand and alternate brands that may want to make you prioritize or avoid H&M.

Where are H&M Baby Clothes Manufactured?

If you’re dedicated to baby items manufactured in the United States, H&M mightn’t be the best brand for you. Before going in-depth on where H&M baby clothes, it’s important to review how the brand gets the clothes it sells.

H&M doesn’t own any manufacturing plants per se. It is only a clothes retailer; all of its products are produced by independent manufacturers, which H&M doesn’t control. Therefore, it’s safe to say H&M only has limited say over where the clothes it sells are manufactured.

By investigating its top suppliers, it’s easy to discover where most H&M clothes come from. Unfortunately, it’s not the United States; it’s exactly where almost every other cloth comes from; Bangladesh and China.

According to H&M, its manufacturers are scattered all across the world. There is a chance that the overall you bought randomly was made in the United States (although that would be infinitesimal).

However, most H&M’s suppliers are based in India, Bangladesh, China, and other similar countries. There are a couple of reasons why this is the case, but the most obvious one is the cost factor.

Compared to the rest of the world, USA’s minimum wage is pretty high. If H&M were to base most of its manufacturing in the United States, it will spend almost all of its budget paying wages, forcing the brand to drive up the prices of clothes.

Having most of their suppliers in Bangladesh and China isn’t much of a disadvantage to the brand. Most other brands manufacturing or retailing baby clothes also source most of their shipments from these locations for the same reasons.

Where to Buy H&M Baby Clothes

Unless you’re based in Sweden or any of the 74 countries with physical H&M stores, you might find it somewhat tasking to get your hands on those large clothes from H&M. Even if there are physical stores in your country; you may not be willing to drive tens of miles just to pick up a few clothes for your baby.

Regardless of where you are in the world, there is always a way to buy baby clothes from H&M. If you’re not sure how to go about it, here are some of the best places to buy H&M-branded clothes across different locations in the world.

  1. H&M Official Website

If H&M sells directly to your website online, the online website is about the most stress-free way to get quality baby wear for your child. At the moment, H&M only supports 43 countries for their online stores, which is pretty limiting.

If you live in Africa, you’d best be looking at alternatives. H&M’s official online stores only sell to four African countries: Egypt, South Africa, Tunisia, and Morocco. There’s a pretty good chance that most Africans reading this are based out of those four selected countries.

Europe is the luckiest continent in terms of H&M support. The brand offers its online store to almost every country in Europe, making it the default mode of purchase if you’re living in most European countries.

  1. H&M Home Stores

If H&M doesn’t offer its online store to your country, you may have an H&M Home store around. Funnily enough, H&M has physical stores in more locations than it serves with online shopping.

If your country isn’t supported by H&M for online shopping, you shouldn’t expect any magic when it comes to the Home stores. Unless you’re willing to drive hundreds of miles to buy an H&H baby cloth with the risk of it running big, you may want to explore other options.

  1. Local Stores

If you’re finding it difficult to get H&M clothes for your baby legally, you may want to check out the online stores in your locality. Some stores stock clothes from manufacturers who don’t ship to the country naturally; so, there is a decent chance that you’ll be getting H&M clothes for your baby.

You can also walk into physical stores in your country and browse through the compartment for babies. If you’re lucky, you may find some fitting pieces from H&M, albeit at a super-expensive price.

Before paying an extraneous amount of money for an H&M baby cloth, you should consider asking if the sacrifice is even worth it.


Are H&M Baby Clothes Good Quality? - Parents Route (2024)


Does H&M have good quality baby clothes? ›

And while you're shopping for them, you can grab something for yourself and even coordinate your styles to match. Although the brand's clothes may not be as high-quality as those from some other baby clothing brands, H&M's options are affordable, and our experts have rarely experienced issues with the materials.

How does H&M maintain quality? ›

H&M ban the use of hazardous and environmentally damaging substances thoughout all production processes. All H&M suppliers commit to comply with our requirements and are educated in how to run production to our standards. Regular controls and inspections are also conducted to ensure your safety.

Is H&M a good brand? ›

H&M incorporates some lower-impact materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester in some products, but the majority of the materials it uses are not eco-friendly. For these reasons, we give H&M a score of “Not Good Enough” for the environment—downgraded from “It's a Start” in our November 2023 review.

Are H&M baby clothes organic? ›

Whenever you buy one of our garments for your baby, you can feel confident that all the cotton is organic, recycled or sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative. Here's all about the cotton we use, along with ways we're working to improve babywear and make it last as long as possible.

Which brand is best for baby clothes? ›

Where to shop the best baby clothes brands
  • Best Overall: Hanna Andersson.
  • Best Bulk Baby Clothing: H&M.
  • Most Trendy Baby Clothing: Zara.
  • Best Baby Gift Sets: Monica+Andy.
  • Best Affordable Organic Baby Clothes: Little Planet by Carter's.
  • Softest Organic Baby Clothing: Mori.
  • Best Discovery Retailer: Maisonette.
Jan 23, 2024

Is Zara or H&M higher quality? ›

How does H&M compare to Zara in terms of quality and price? H&M is generally regarded as having lower quality products than Zara which is because of the price difference. That said, there are some types of garments that consumers prefer from H&M over Zara. For example, people rave about the quality of H&M's outerwear.

What are H&M weaknesses? ›

H&M relies heavily on external suppliers for its products, which poses challenges in terms of quality control and supply chain disruptions. The company's extensive supply chain involves sourcing materials and manufacturing garments from various suppliers worldwide.

Why is H&M so good? ›

Affordable prices: H&M is known for its affordable prices, making it accessible for people who want to look fashionable without breaking the bank.

Why H&M is the best brand? ›

  • Affordability: H&M is known for offering affordable and trendy fashion, making it accessible to a broad range of consumers. ...
  • Fast Fashion Model: H&M follows a fast fashion business model, which involves quickly producing and bringing inexpensive, on-trend clothing to the market.
Oct 10, 2016

Is H&M a cheap brand? ›

Fast fashion brands are terrified of raising their prices. But that's the only way to make the industry more ethical and sustainable. H&M is known for its affordable prices, from its $9 t-shirts to its $26 party outfits.

Where does H&M get their clothes from? ›

We do business with over 574 commercial product suppliers who manufacture products for our brands in over 1,027 tier 1 factories in Europe, Asia and North America. China and Bangladesh are the largest production markets for clothing. The European Union is the largest production market for our beauty assortment.

Is Shein or H and M better? ›

Comparing H&M and SHEIN

H&M prides itself on a blend of quality and style, offering clothing that tries to stand the test of time while staying fashionable. SHEIN excels in delivering the latest trends at unbeatable prices, making fashion accessible to everyone.

Is H&M Made in China? ›

H&M supplies clothes from different areas around the world. The top three locations that ship its products are China, Bangladesh, and India. Its retail headquarter is located in Sweden, where 21 suppliers and factories manufacture H&M's clothing products and accessories.

Does HM use organic cotton? ›

We've used organic cotton in our collections since 1990s, as do many other brands today. To help increase global production, we are a founding member of an industry initiative called the Organic Cotton Accelerator (OCA). The OCA aims to further strengthen the supply, demand and integrity of organic cotton.

Is H&M 100% sustainable? ›

How we work with materials. All materials have an impact on climate, nature and people - from production, through the use stage and to the end of life. To reduce this impact, we aim for 100% of our materials to be either recycled or sustainably sourced by 2030, and 30% recycled materials by 2025.

Are H and M clothes safe? ›

Chemical checklist

When washing, dyeing and printing our clothes, our suppliers must meet our chemical requirements. These are often stricter than the regulations set by the industry, and our bottom line is that hazardous chemicals shouldn't be used by us or found in any of our products.

Which company baby products are best? ›

Here are the 10 best baby products brands in India to help you find the perfect fit for your little one:
  • Dove. ...
  • Himalaya Baby. ...
  • Mamy Poko. ...
  • Spoo. ...
  • Johnson's Baby. ...
  • Chicco. ...
  • LuvLap. ...
  • Infantso. Indian brand launched in 2013, Infantso focuses on functional baby feeding products & baby gear.
Mar 21, 2024

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