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Online Multiple Face Swap AI Playground

Swap multi faces in a photo at once. If you want a single face swap, try our single AI face swap or gender swap.

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How to Swap Multiple Faces at Once

Get realistic, seamless multi-person face swaps in just 3 easy steps

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Features of Multiple Face Swap AI

Swap multiple faces in a group photo for a funnier effect.

Create Cartoon Style Family Portrait with Mutiple AI Face Swap

Bring a twist of fun to your family memories with our Multiple Faceswap AI, now featuring a delightful cartoon style! Imagine a family portrait where you, your spouse, and your two adorable kids all swap faces, rendered in vibrant, cartoonish charm. It's not just a portrait; it's a playful masterpiece that will have everyone in stitches. Just upload your favorite family photo, select the cartoon filter, and watch as our AI magically shuffles everyone's features. Perfect for holiday cards or just a fun family keepsake, this is one portrait that will keep the giggles going for years to come!

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Swap Multiple Faces in Group Photo to Prank Family or Friends

Imagine the hilarity when you reveal a family photo where everyone's faces are swapped! Our Multiple Face Swap AI tool makes it easy and outrageously fun to mix up faces in any photograph. Whether it's swapping faces between siblings or giving Grandma the face of the family pet, this tool adds an unexpected twist to any group picture. Perfect for pranking your family or friends at the next reunion or gathering, it's guaranteed to provoke laughter and a few double-takes. Just upload a photo, choose the faces to swap, and let our AI do the rest. Get ready to capture some truly memorable reactions!

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FAQs of AI Multiple Face Swapper

Multiple face swap AI works through a series of steps to accurately swap faces in photos. Here’s a simple breakdown:

Detection: The AI first identifies and locates faces within the image using facial detection algorithms. These algorithms analyze the photo to find features that correspond to typical human faces, such as eyes, noses, and mouths.
Alignment: Once the faces are detected, the AI aligns them by adjusting for angles, sizes, and positions. This step ensures that when faces are swapped, they fit naturally into their new positions without looking out of place.
Swapping: Finally, the AI swaps the faces by cutting and pasting the detected and aligned faces onto the other heads in the photo. Advanced algorithms blend the edges and adjust the skin tones and lighting to make the swap look seamless and realistic.

Our multi-face swap AI uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to quickly complete multiple face swaps within a few seconds. However, it's worth mentioning that your face swap task will need to queue, so the waiting time depends on the number of people using this feature online.

Of course! Our multiple face swap AI will protect your privacy in the several ways:

1. No cloud storage
2. You don’t need to register an account, and the pictures you upload will not be stored.
3. IP addresses and browser cookies are not logged.

You privacy is 100% safe while using our online multiple face swap tool.

Our multiple face swap AI will automatically detect the first appeared 5 faces in the image, so you can only swap up to 5 multi-faces at a time.

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Try our free online multiple face swap tool

No sign-up, No credits limit, 100% Privacy Safe. Try our best multiple face swap AI for free.


Free Multiple Face Swap AI(No sign-up) (2024)
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