Payday Loans in Vidor tx (2024)

Even once every man faces unexpected issues. It may include: an auto breakdown, home repair, medical expenses, etc. And how to solve with this problems? It is a problem any more if you submit an application for a payday loan through our website in Vidor, Texas.

We is ready to help you submit an application for a cash advance in Vidor, Texas. The lenders from our network will provide every customer with one of the most favorable terms and rates. The main advantage our website has is your application will be processed by many lenders at once in a matter of minutes. The lenders offer cash advance ranging $100-$1,000. The maximum possible installment loan is equal to $5,000. The terms and rates are defined according to the personal data left.

Vidor has many payday lenders with favorable terms and rates. The number of people living in Vidor is 26 277.

Data in Figures

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Every customer may fill out Zip-code in Vidor: 77662 , 77670 . Further a customer will see the list of available payday lenders.

Why to leave an application through our service?

  • Client's person-related data are not disclosed;
  • Secure protocols are utilized to protect the transactions;
  • Fast term for approval;
  • Quick processing term;
  • Low income possible to get an approval;
  • Bad credit history possible;
  • Online application submited;
  • No service fees are written off;
  • Our referral service operates 24 hours 7 days a week;
  • Loan amounts - $100 to $1,000, up to $5,000;
  • The greatest deposited terms – in terms of 24 hours (or faster) to customer's credit card;
  • Faxless service;
  • Over 100+ state-licensed payday companies take out payday loans in Vidor, tx.

Annual Percentage Rate (ARP)

The interest rate is dependent on many factors:

  • the state you issue a payday loan;
  • credit score of a client;
  • the amount of the loan;
  • payday loan term;
  • whether you are a new-coming or regular customer.
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If you need short-term loan, an interest rate for payday loans is 200% - 1386%. If you need a long-term loan, apply for an installment one with an average interest rate equal to 6.63% - 225%. Terms and rates will be specified by a lender itself within several minutes after the application has been submitted. Every client decides whether to accept or refuse the offer.

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The ARP in Vidor is equal to can exceed 400%. The max loan amount is Not Specified (on average $800). The min loan term is 7 days, and the maximum is 180 days. Number of allowed rollovers is No restriction (no more than 3 if City Ordinance was adopted). Allowed outstanding loans' number is Not Specified. Is installment allowed? - Yes.

What loan to choose: Payday or Installment?

As cleared out in definition, a payday loan is a short-lasting type of a loan. A long-lasting type of a loan is called an installment loan. A greater loan amounts are issued with installment lending options.

Lenders in Vidor, Texas

9 lending companies are licensed to serve in Vidor, tx.

Have a Website or Not?

has created a an online resource and provide a twenty-four-hour access to products of Payday options in Vidor , tx.

Advance America has also a website that offers an access to financial services round-the-clock.

What Rank in States?

Advance America is the top-ranked lender based on clients' feedback in Vidor.

is a lender with favorable rank in Vidor, Texas , tx.

Mobiloil Credit Union is a lender with the same rating in Vidor as Texas Car Title & Payday Loan Services, Inc. has received.

For How Long To Be on The Lending Market?

Get acquainted with BBVA Bank functioning in Vidor.

Mobiloil Credit Union takes the third place when comparing the personal feedback.

What borrowers say about Payday Loans Vidor:

Excellent service, quick results, and a very pleasant staff always!

Great customer service

Best loan place around.

Friday will be my first visit to this location to conduct some business.

Website doesn’t work and is completely unhelpful

Always have prompt, friendly, professional service from this branch.

I always get great service from a great and friendly staff.

A bunch of wonderful employees that will make you feel like you're at home ? .

I love the money they give me.

Good place I love it.

Good people and they will work with you for layaway and other stuff

Good place with friendly folks.

Bad service experience

I went to another branch and was given the money without any problems.

Very terrible service

Jennifer was so helpful with getting me a loan. I needed extra money until my payday.

Great place to do business, everyone was super helpful and very kind!

Service was amazing and no pressure whatsoever during the application

Great place to do business, everyone was super helpful and very kind!

Service was amazing and no pressure whatsoever during the application

We enjoyed the great customer service.

Had a fun atmosphere

BEST BEST BEST experience !!

Store has variety of items.

He worked with my realtor to get me an offer accepted for a house.

Randy made our home buying process painless!

He knows his stuff & is always available.

There is a very bad service.

Clean and employees are highly professional.

TDECU is not setup properly to handle customers.

I am completely happy with my experience and the staff at this location.

Great rates and great service.

We have been playing phone call game to start work on our flooded house .

APR Calculator

This calculator helps to define the annual percentage rate of the financial service.

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Payday Loans in Vidor tx (2024)
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