The 5 Best AI Face Swap Photo Apps (2024)

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The launch of the FaceSwap app and Snapchat's face swap filter in the 2010s made face swapping a piece of cake, ditching the need for Photoshop skills. Thanks to the marvels of AI technology, face swapping is even more widespread today. Try these apps and tools for a slice of the fun!

NB: We don't condone the unlawful or unethical use of face-swapping technology. This lineup of tools is intended to provide fun and entertainment.

1. Reface

Reface is the rockstar of AI-powered face swap apps, and for good reason. The user interface is easy, you get good results, you get quick results, and not only can you do photo face swaps with Reface, but it also has a selection of videos and GIFs to use.

Head to the FaceSwap section, scroll through the photos and videos, and select your favorite. In the next window, tap the face you just selected and hit the plus sign to either take a photo or choose a photo from your camera roll. Then, hit Swap Face and wait to be amused.

Getting the subscription will remove all watermarks, get rid of the ads, and unlock unlimited access to all the photos and videos. You can also purchase lifetime access to premium features for a one-time fee.

Download: Reface for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

2. Fotor Face Swap

Fotor is where it's at for browser-based AI photo editing because it's loaded with every tool imaginable, including an AI face swapper. And the best part? No watermarks.

In the editor, you can pick a photo from Fotor's library or upload your own. Click the circled plus sign to select another photo, and hit Swap Face Now. The AI will blend the two faces, and the results are awesome.

The 5 Best AI Face Swap Photo Apps (1)

A Fotor Pro or Fotor Pro+ subscription will get you more credits that you can spend on the AI features. You can also buy Fotor credits for a one-time fee.

3. Pica AI

Pica AI is another quick and easy online tool for face swapping. It also has a handful of other AI features—the AI Image Enhancer is definitely worth checking out.

Select something from Pica's library or upload your own photo. Click Add face to upload the second face, and hit Generate—it takes about 20 seconds to get a perfectly blended result. You can also swap multiple faces in one image or do a video face swap.

The 5 Best AI Face Swap Photo Apps (2)

Similar to Fotor, Pica works on a credit system, so you'll need to subscribe to one of the Pica AI plans to get further access. But luckily, you get eight free credits a day, which is a sweet deal if you just want to tinker around with the tool.

4. FacePlay

Reface might meet its match with FacePlay, an AI-powered face swap app that also has a hefty collection of photos and videos. My only issue with FacePlay is that the animal photos won't blend with mine, I still came out looking disappointingly human.

In the Swap section on the homepage, you can scroll through a myriad of photos and animations—some of them show you the before and after of what they would look like. After choosing your favorite, tap Free to Use, then take a picture or select one from your camera roll. Hit Confirm and watch the AI do its magic.

You'll have to watch some ads with the free version, and you can save the results with a little watermark. If you want to give generative AI a shot, see how you can swap a face with Picsart's AI Replace tool.

Download: FacePlay for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

5. Vidnoz Photo Face Swap

Vidnoz specializes in video editing but also has a range of AI photo tools—the face swap tool is the most fun to play around with.

Choose one of the photos provided by Vidnoz or click Upload Photo in the first box. Do the same for the second photo and hit Swap Face Now. In no time, you'll be staring at a brand-new face.

Vidnoz does offer more features with its subscription plans, but there's no need to pay for any of them because the photo face swapper is free—you just need to register. The Face Swap Plan might interest you if you want to do video face swaps or multiple face swaps in one photo.

Face Swap Apps That Aren't AI, but Get the Job Done

AI-powered apps will give you the best results, but some non-AI options are also worth checking out.

1. Funveo

Face swapping is just the tip of the iceberg on Funveo (Banuba on Android), this app is a goldmine of quirky filters and face masks.

Opening the app will take you straight to the front camera. The layout is similar to Instagram Stories—you can scroll through the filters and masks at the bottom and apply them to your face in real time by taking a photo or recording a video.

To do a face swap, tap the photo icon in the bottom left and select a picture from your camera roll. You might get a pop-up saying you're out of free trials for the day, but you can watch a video ad to continue—annoying, but worth the wait. Hit Edit, pick a face, and save your new photo.

This app is useful for people who want the benefits of social media without constant notifications. The subscription will unlock heaps more filters and remove the ads.

Download: Funveo for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

2. Copy Face

Copy Face lets you do more precise face swaps by copy-pasting. The downside to this app is that the selection of faces is quite limited—you'll need to upgrade to unlock more.

From the home screen, you can take a photo, select one from your camera roll, or pick a celebrity photo. Also keep an eye on the Photo of the Week section for new faces. In the editor, toggle the face selector and hit Copy to save your selection. Tap New and choose another photo, find your face selection at the top, and position it over the new photo.

I didn't do a great job with my face placement, it's quite funny-looking, but you get the idea. Your photo will save with a watermark, but since it's not overlayed on the photo itself, you can easily get rid of the watermark.

If the selections in Copy Face aren't doing it for you, you can also check out Face Swap which is developed by the same company—the interface and editing tools are pretty much the same. Unfortunately, Copy Face isn't available on Android, and while Face Swap used to be, it seems Revosoft Technologies has also removed it from the Play Store.

Download: Copy Face for iOS (Free, subscription available)

Download: Face Swap for iOS (Free, subscription available)

The ability to swap faces in seconds without any professional skills is probably one of the coolest ways to use AI. So snap a picture and start diving into these apps!

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The 5 Best AI Face Swap Photo Apps (2024)
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